Strato vs Ionos - Discover the Best Choice

Сравненные варианты STRATO IONOS
14 хостинговых тарифов 43 хостинговых тарифов
Цена от 310 руб. / месяц 80 руб. / месяц
Бесплатный домен Да Да
Купоны Нет Нет
Надежность 1.5
Цены 1.5
Удобство 1.5
Техподдержка 1.0
Возможности 1.5
Отзывы пользователей
151 отзыв 378 отзывов
Последний положительный отзыв
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Anna Janston,
I wanted to start my own blog so I got an account created with STRATO. I couldn't figure out how to make it all work and get my site started because it seemed to confusing. I contacted their technical support and they basic... Развернуть ally did everything for me. I was really happy that they got me up and running so quickly. I've been with them almost a year now and haven't had any further issues. Свернуть
10 years with IONOS
Anthony Candelario,
I've worked with this company for ten years, and I utilize their managed WordPress products in addition to their virtual servers. Never experienced downtime or problems besides those of my own making. They provide the best cu... Развернуть stomer service around. The price point is lower in my opinion and really competitive. Outstanding value for the money. Свернуть
Последний негативный отзыв
Поберегите себя!
Ярослав Т.,
Было несколько топ дедикейтед серверов под Windows. Возможностей мало, аля не больше двух ип адресов на сервер. Поддержка ужасна до безобразия. Для них ваши простои - ваши проблемы, в случае отказов оборудования придерживайте... Развернуть сь тупых процедур типа запустите наш тест, который при фейле никогда не заканчивается. В результате при отказе диска никто не хочет разбираться какой диск в зеркале отказал, можем только спустя нескольких дней поменять все сразу. От только получается быстрее хостера поменять чем тратить свое время и нервы.. Свернуть
It is scam
Yevhenii St,
My account was blocked (due to the security issues, however I just registered, nothing else). They recommended to ask their Security Team. Did that - no response at all. Also, I still didn't get a refund.
Виртуальный хостинг
4 тарифа от 310 руб. до 25 000 руб. 6 тарифов от 80 руб. до 22 980 руб.
Меньше $4 Нет


4,00 руб. / МЕС
  • Пространство: 10 ГБ
  • Пропускная способность: Неограниченно
  • Панель: other
  • Количество сайтов: 1
Посмотреть тариф Essential
До $8

PowerWeb Starter

4,19 руб. / МЕС
  • Пространство: 15 ГБ
  • Пропускная способность: Неограниченно
  • Панель: other
Посмотреть тариф PowerWeb Starter


8,00 руб. / МЕС
  • Пространство: Неограниченно
  • Пропускная способность: Неограниченно
  • Панель: other
Посмотреть тариф Expert
Более $10

PowerWeb Plus

10,64 руб. / МЕС
  • Пространство: 120 ГБ
  • Пропускная способность: Неограниченно
  • Панель: other
Посмотреть тариф PowerWeb Plus


10,00 руб. / МЕС
  • Пространство: 500 ГБ
  • Пропускная способность: Неограниченно
  • Панель: cpanel
  • Количество сайтов: 50
Посмотреть тариф Expert
4 тарифа от 310 руб. до 25 000 руб. 6 тарифов от 80 руб. до 22 980 руб.
Меньше $4 Нет

Virtual Server S

2,00 руб. / МЕС
  • Пространство: 10 ГБ
  • Пропускная способность: Неограниченно
Посмотреть тариф Virtual Server S
До $8 Нет

Virtual Server L

8,00 руб. / МЕС
  • Пространство: 120 ГБ
  • Пропускная способность: Неограниченно
Посмотреть тариф Virtual Server L
Более $10

V-Server Linux Level 1

9,66 руб. / МЕС
  • Пространство: 200 ГБ
  • Пропускная способность: Неограниченно
Посмотреть тариф V-Server Linux Level 1

Virtual Server XXL

18,00 руб. / МЕС
  • Пространство: 240 ГБ
  • Пропускная способность: Неограниченно
Посмотреть тариф Virtual Server XXL
Выделенный сервер
6 тарифов от 310 руб. до 25 000 руб. 12 тарифов от 80 руб. до 22 980 руб.
Меньше $4 Нет Нет
До $8 Нет Нет
Более $10

Basic Linux Level 2

41,91 руб. / МЕС
  • Пространство: 1.95 ТБ
  • Пропускная способность: Неограниченно
Посмотреть тариф Basic Linux Level 2

L-16 HDD

70,00 руб. / МЕС
  • Пространство: 1000 ГБ
  • Пропускная способность: Неограниченно
Посмотреть тариф L-16 HDD
Облачный хостинг
13 тарифов от 80 руб. до 22 980 руб.
Меньше $4 Нет

Cloud Server XS

4,00 руб. / МЕС
  • Пространство: 30 ГБ
  • Пропускная способность: Неограниченно
Посмотреть тариф Cloud Server XS
До $8 Нет

Cloud Server S

5,00 руб. / МЕС
  • Пространство: 40 ГБ
  • Пропускная способность: Неограниченно
Посмотреть тариф Cloud Server S
Более $10 Нет

Cloud Server M

12,00 руб. / МЕС
  • Пространство: 60 ГБ
  • Пропускная способность: Неограниченно
Посмотреть тариф Cloud Server M
Конструктор сайтов
3 тарифа от 80 руб. до 22 980 руб.
Меньше $4 Нет


1,00 руб. / МЕС
  • Пространство: 50 ГБ
  • Пропускная способность: Неограниченно
Посмотреть тариф Plus
До $8 Нет


5,00 руб. / МЕС
  • Пространство: 10 ГБ
  • Пропускная способность: Неограниченно
Посмотреть тариф Starter
Более $10 Нет


15,00 руб. / МЕС
  • Пространство: Неограниченно
  • Пропускная способность: Неограниченно
Посмотреть тариф Pro
3 тарифа от 80 руб. до 22 980 руб.
Меньше $4 Нет Нет
До $8 Нет Нет
Более $10 Нет

SSL Starter

20,00 руб. / МЕС
  • Пространство: Неограниченно
  • Пропускная способность: Неограниченно
Посмотреть тариф SSL Starter
Data Centers
1 из 6 2 из 6
Северная Америка Нет Да
Европа Да Да
Азия Нет Нет
Океания Нет Нет
Южная Америка Нет Нет
Африка и Ближний восток Нет Нет
4 из 6 5 из 6
Онлайн-чат Да Да
Техподдержка по телефону Да Да
Техподдержка по Email Да Да
Форум Нет Нет
Видео-уроки Нет Да
База знаний Да Да
4 из 6 3 из 6
WordPress Да Да
Joomla Да Да
Drupal Да Да
Magento Да Нет
Softaculous Нет Нет
PrestaShop Нет Нет
2 из 2 2 из 2
Windows Да Да
Linux Да Да
Языковая поддержка
2 из 8 5 из 8
Java Нет Да
Python Да Да
Node.js Нет Нет
Django Нет Нет
Perl Нет Нет
Ruby on Rails Нет Да
База данных
1 из 3 1 из 3
MongoDB Нет Нет
PostgreSQL Нет Нет
Способ оплаты
1 из 6 2 из 6
PayPal Нет Да
банковские карты Нет Да
Skrill Нет Нет
банковский перевод Да Нет
Webmoney Нет Нет
Bitcoin Нет Нет




Победитель: IONOS

Delight Johnson Hosting Expert

Strato and Ionos are two awesome hosting providers, so you may be wondering which of them is better for your website. After reviewing each host, Ionos came out on top and is better than Strato. Read on to see why and what makes each host stand out.

Overall Comparison Strato vs Ionos

FeaturesShared hosting; VPS hosting; Cloud hosting; Dedicated hosting

Free domain on all plans

Unlimited traffic

Shared hosting; VPS hosting; Dedicated hosting; Agency hosting

Free domain and SSL on basic plans

Unmetered traffic

PricingStarts at £ 4/month ($4.73); 30-day no quibble guaranteeStarts at $4/month; 30-day money back guarantee
Performance99.9% uptime, 455 ms average speed99.9% uptime, 1.5 s average speed
Support24/7 support, Email Support, FAQ Knowledgebase, Live chat, FAX24/7 support, One-on-one support, Email Support, Live chat, Phone support, FAQ help center
Ease of useEasy-to-use dashboard


Plesk panel


WordPress install in a few clicks

Website Builder

Intuitive dashboard and cPanel alternative

Automatic WordPress setup

Website builder starting at $1/month


STRATO SiteGuard

For advanced plans – SSH Access, Phishing filter, MySQL Database backup, STRATO backup

Free SSL

Daily backup and recovery

SiteScan protection (paid)

DDoS protection

Server locationGermany – Berlin, KarlsruheUSA – Las Vegas, Newark

Europe – Frankfurt, London, Berlin, Logroño

Winner: Ionos

Overall, if you want more versatile hosting plans, support, and a wider server footprint, Ionos is the winner but Strato has its strong points too. Read more to see what makes each host stand out.


About Strato and Ionos

Final: Strato vs Ionos Strato AG is a hosting provider founded in 1997 and headquartered in Germany. The company currently provides hosting services to over 4 million domains and has over 70,000 servers in German cities, Berlin and Karlsruhe. Strato provides shared hosting, VPS, cloud, and dedicated hosting packages to its customers.
Final: Strato vs Ionos Ionos, formerly 1 & 1 Internet, is a hosting provider/domain registrar founded in 1988, and also headquartered in Germany. The company currently serves over 12 million domains powered by over 90,000 servers distributed in 9 countries in the U.S.A and Europe. IONOS offers shared hosting, VPS hosting, Windows, dedicated, and agency hosting plans to its customers.


Round 1: Hosting features – Key Hosting Features and Services

Hosting FeatureStratoIonos
Disk space and bandwidthShared Hosting – Unmetered bandwidth and traffic; 2GB webspace

VPS Hosting – Unmetered bandwidth and traffic; 6 GB webspace; 800 GB diskspace

Cloud Hosting HiDrive) – Unmetered bandwidth; 20 GB webspace

Dedicated Hosting – Unmetered bandwidth; 50 GB webspace; 1TB diskspace

Shared Hosting – Unmetered bandwidth; 50-500 GB HDD diskspace

VPS hosting – Unmetered bandwidth; 10-240 GB SSD diskspace

Dedicated Hosting – Unmetered bandwidth; Up to 2TB HDD and 800 GB SSD

Windows Hosting – Unmetered bandwidth; 50-500 GB diskspace

Agency Hosting – Unmetered bandwidth; 10-Unlimited storage

High performance SSDYes; Hybrid of HDD and SSD; Up to 1TBYes; Up to 800 GB on dedicated hosting plan
Free daily backups and restoreYes; daily backups with basic packageYes; daily backups on all plans
Free WordPress installationYes; but only for WordPress plansYes
Free site migrationYesYes
Free website builderYes; Easy BlogNo; MyWebsite builder plan starts at $1/month
Free SSLNoYes

Key Strato Features

Strato provides a free domain and unmetered bandwidth (traffic cap) on all its hosting plans, and up to 1TB storage capacity on its dedicated hosting package. On your servers, you get to enjoy high-performance SSD and HDD, and free daily backups and restore on every plan. Plus, if you have a WordPress website, the WordPress plans are just for you.

You can also migrate your existing website for free to Strato and if you don’t have one yet, you can build a simple blog quickly using the EasyBlog builder that comes with the basic plan.

Key Ionos Features

Ionos also offers unmetered bandwidth on all its plans, up to 800 GB SSD storage on its dedicated hosting plan, and unlimited storage on its agency plans. You get all the goodies on its most basic plan like free backups and restore and free WordPress installation.

With Ionos you get a free domain and SSL, and free migration too. However, you don’t get a free website builder.

And the winner is… Strato

In the first Strato vs Ionos round, Strato wins with more storage and an out-of-the-box blog builder.


Round 2:  Prices & Plans

Shared HostingStratoIonos
Entry Level planBasic Web

$4.73 / month


$4 / month

Middle planNo middle planBusiness

$0.5 / month

Highest planNo high-tier shared planExpert

$8 / month

VPS HostingStratoIonos
Entry Level planPower Web

$6 / month

VPS S – $2 / month

VPS M – $4 / month

VPS L – $8 / month

VPS XL – $2 / month

VPS XXL – $18 / month

Middle planN/AVPS vCore M – $6 / month

VPS vCore L – $10 / month

VPS vCore XL – $4 / month

VPS vCore XXL – $20 / month

Highest planN/AVPS M RAM – $8 / month

VPS L RAM – $12 / month

VPS XL RAM – $2 / month

VPS XXL RAM – $24 / month

Cloud HostingStratoIonos
Entry Level planAdvanced Web

$11.82 / month

Middle planN/AN/A
Highest planN/AN/A
Dedicated HostingStratoIonos
Entry Level planEnterprise Web

$17.73 / month

A8i SSD – $45 / month

L4i HDD – $47 / month

Middle planN/AL-16 SSD – $70 / month

L-16 HDD – $60 / month

XL-32 SSD – $110 / month

XL-32 HDD $90 / month

Highest planN/AXL-64 SSD  – $140 / month

XL-64 HDD – $120 / month

WordPress HostingStratoIonos
Entry Level planN/AStart

$2 / month

Middle planN/AGrow

$1 / month

Highest planN/ABoost

$6 / month

Specialized plansStrato (No specialized plans)Ionos (Agency Hosting)
Entry Level planN/AEssential

$4 / month

Middle planN/ABusiness

$0.5 / month

Highest planN/AExpert

$8 / month

Strato Pricing Plans

Strato offers just four hosting plans – one for each category. They are:

  • Shared hosting plan – This entry-level plan is best for basic websites with one or few pages
  • VPS hosting plan – This plan is great for small businesses that need a bit more power
  • Cloud hosting – This plan helps business scale their resources quickly, as needed
  • Dedicated hosting – Strato’s highest-level plan provides dedicated resources and storage for large corporations.

Apparently, Strato also offers WordPress hosting but I couldn’t find any information on their website.

Ionos Pricing Plans

Ionos offers three shared hosting plans, 13 VPS plans, 8 dedicated hosting plans, 3 WordPress plans, and 3 agency hosting plans.

  • Shared hosting plans – Entry-level plans in three tiers suited to new and small business websites
  • VPS hosting plans – 13-tier VPS plans that give incredible flexibility to mid-sized business websites
  • Dedicated hosting plans – Three-tiered plans for corporations that need the most power and dedicated resources
  • WordPress plans – Plans designed with WordPress websites in mind
  • Agency hosting plans – Plans suited to agencies and freelancers

And the Winner Is… Ionos

Ionos offers far more hosting options as well as a specialized agency plan. Strato offers just four hosting plans that you’d have a hard time finding info on.


Round 3: Website performance (Uptime & Speed)

Your hosting provider’s uptime is basically how consistently their servers are ‘up and running’. Your website speed is how quickly users get the info they want after they click a page and this directly depends on your host’s server speed. Higher uptime and server speeds mean your website experiences no downtime and your web pages load quickly, minimizing bounce rate and increasing conversions.

GT Metrix0.50 s0.97 s
PageSpeed Insights0.4 s1.9 s

Strato Uptime & Speed

To measure Strato server speeds, I ran the host’s domain through GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights – two popular testing tools. See the results:

On GTMetrix, Strato server speed (Time to First Byte) was 503 ms and had a good performance of 84%:

Final: Strato vs Ionos

Running Strato’s domain through PageSpeed Insights yielded:

A TTFB of 400 ms and an overall 74% performance:

Final: Strato vs Ionos

Ionos Uptime & Speed

To measure Ionos server speed, we ran the host’s domain through two testing tools – GTMetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights. See the results below:

On GTMetrix, Ionos server speed (Time to First Byte) was 970 ms and had a low performance of 61%:

Final: Strato vs Ionos

Running Ionos through PageSpeed Insights yielded even poorer results of TTFB values of 1.9 s and an overall performance of 29%:

Final: Strato vs Ionos

Note that these values can vary wildly depending on the test location and physical distance between the servers and where the query was made.

And the Winner Is… Strato

I myself wasn’t expecting this, but Strato outperformed Ionos in both tests. Do note that these values are only relative and depend on where you’re located.


Round 4: Customer Support – Who Has the Best Support System?

Type of SupportStratoIonos
24/7 supportYesYes
Phone SupportNoYes
Live chatTemporarily unavailableYes
Email SupportYesYes
Ticket supportYesYes
Forum SupportNoNo
Video guidesNoNo

Strato customer Support

Strato offers limited support options when compared to most hosting providers on the market.

You get 24/7 support and live chat that seems to have been down for quite a while. I couldn’t find any way to chat with an agent live but they do offer a knowledgebase that’s still ‘okay’ at best:

Final: Strato vs Ionos

Most topics are limited and I felt there should have been far more information in the knowledgebase considering they’ve been in the game for a while.

You can also contact and write Strato via an email contact form:

Final: Strato vs Ionos

That automatically opens a support ticket. To enjoy Strato’s full support options conveniently, you’ll have to be a customer.

Final: Strato vs Ionos

Ionos customer Support

Ionos offers the basic support goodies – 24/7 support, Phone support, Live chat, Email support, and Ticket support. Plus, a vast knowledgebase (The Ionos Help Center) with answers to every question you may have:

Final: Strato vs Ionos

Ionos also boasts a unique ‘Personal Consultant’ where you get your to speak to an help agent one-on-one:

Final: Strato vs Ionos

You can contact an Ionos agent anytime, through phone but to enjoy their other support options, you’d have to login as a customer:

Final: Strato vs Ionos

And the Winner Is… Ionos

Ionos offers more support options out-of-the-box and I particularly like that you can contact via phone to solve urgent issues. But that’s it if you’re not yet a customer.

Round 5: Ease of use – Which Platform Is Easier to Use?

Account management dashboardEasyEasy
Control panelMediumMedium
Setup process (Install OS)EasyEasy
Transfer an existing websiteEasyEasy
Easy creation of backupsEasyEasy
Enable CloudFlareHardMedium

Strato Ease of use

Strato has a very straight-to-the-point user interface, in fact, one of the most straightforward dashboards I have ever seen. Right away, from the homepage, you can search for a domain, check out their hosting plans, and get more info on the company:

Final: Strato vs Ionos

The Strato cpanel seems to be provided by their partner Plesk and looks intuitive enough:

Final: Strato vs Ionos

Strato made all its navigation buttons as compact as possible which even though I think was for a good cause, just made it very hard to find all the info you’ll need.

The text is in smaller print and it’s easy to miss different features if you don’t look twice. Overall, the color theme and navigation are not the best, and other host’s provide much easier-to-use UIs.

Ionos Ease of use

On the other hand, Ionos provides a much more user-friendly interface and the right color combinations and design to make the important things you need to know stand out.

Final: Strato vs Ionos

Navigation is super easy and their different features are easy to see. You can also expand the compressed features to see more detail on each plan tier.

The Ionos cPanel too is quite different from the traditional cPanel and is also intuitively designed:

Final: Strato vs Ionos

From the main page, you can choose the product you want to use and start managing right away.

And the Winner Is… Ionos

In terms of ease-of-use and user interface, Ionos is the clear winner. Strato’s UI doesn’t look that great and they don’t clearly state the features they offer. Ionos makes it much easier and looks far better overall.


Round 6: Security – Which Platform is More Secure?

Free SSL certificateNot statedYes
DDoS protectionYesYes
Daily backupsYesYes
Malware scansYesYes
SiteLock SecurityYesYes
WAF (Web Application Firewall)ModSecurity (can be installed for free)ModSecurity (can be installed for free)
Security FeaturesDaily backups

AntiVirus scans

SiteLock support


Free SSL


CloudFlare support

Daily backups

Malware scans

SiteLock compatible

Strato Security

Strato doesn’t say exactly whether they offer free SSLs on their plans but apart from the basic plan, you get SSH access, MySQL backups, and a phishing filter out-of-the-box. You also get daily backups, and the Strato SiteGuard and an in-built antivirus scan your website for malware.

Strato is also SiteLock compatible and you can also install ModSecurity, a free WAF plugin for extra forte. Strato is said to be CloudFlare compatible but many users have reported that their websites broke when they tried to point to their servers.

Ionos Security

Ionos clearly states that they provide a free SSL, DDoS protection, and are CloudFlare compatible. You also get daily backups, automatic malware scans, and a paid SiteLock security option.

Ionos doesn’t come with a WAF but you can also install ModSecurity for free.

And the Winner Is… Ionos

Strato’s security features are blurry since they don’t clearly state them. Ionos is the winner here since it’s also easier to point to CloudFlare.


Round 7: Server locations

The server footprint of your host directly affects the speed of your website. The more distributed your host’s servers are, the better your website will perform to a worldwide audience.

Strato Server location

Strato has servers in Germany – in the cities of Berlin and Karlsruhe. The company keeps most of its server locations a secret as a security measure.

Ionos Server location

Ionos has servers located in the U.S.A – Las Vegas and Newark, and Europe – Frankfurt, London, Berlin, Logroño. Ionos also provides easy CloudFlare integration to expand your website’s footprint to several other continents:

Final: Strato vs Ionos

And the Winner Is… Ionos

Ionos has a wider server footprint and more servers than Strato meaning your website is more likely to load faster on the former than the latter under ideal conditions.


Strato vs Ionos: final recommendations

When to Choose Strato?

Strato is overall a decent hosting provider that’s surprisingly quick for its smaller server footprint and straightforward to use. Go for Strato if:

  • Most of your audience is based in Europe
  • A straightforward dashboard
  • You don’t want to have to choose between tiered plans
  • You want the most storage for dedicated hosting


Go for Ionos if you:

Ionos wins this matchup for good reason. Choose Ionos if you:

  • Want the best support
  • Are an agency or freelancer
  • You target a worldwide audience
  • Want very flexible VPS plans optimized for storage and CPU
  • Want an easy-to-use interface
  • More security features out-of-the-box
  • A free domain and SSL on every plan


The Bottom Line

In the seven-round Strato vs Ionos matchup, Ionos came out on top, but Strato was a strong Ionos competitor. Both hosts feature free domains on all plans and are easy to migrate existing websites to for free.

Ionos, however, also offers a free SSL on all plans, is far more intuitive to use, and provides very versatile hosting plans plus niche packages for different businesses. Both hosts were born in Germany and hold a special rivalry – one of Strato’s founders was a top executive at Ionos.

If you are a large corporation or business and most of your target audience is based in Europe, Strato is the host for you. However, if you’re targeting a more worldwide audience and need more flexibility, Ionos is the host you should go for.


1. Is 1 & 1 now Ionos?

Ionos was formerly known as 1 & 1 when it was founded in 1988. After expanding its operations from Germany to the U.S., 1 & 1 became 1 & 1 Ionos in 2018. And then finally Ionos in 2020.

2. Is Ionos better than Strato?

Ionos is a better host and a solid Strato competitor because the company provides better support, a wider server footprint, an easier-to-use user interface, and cheaper hosting services.

3. Can I transfer my website to Ionos or Strato?

Yes, you can. You’ll have to sign up and become a customer on Ionos first though. After that, you’ll need to prepare your domain transfer and then use the auth code to initiate the transfer. The great thing about Ionos is the company retains your domain subscription period from your former host.

4. What are some great Strato and Ionos alternatives?

Some good Strato alternatives and Ionos alternatives are GoDaddy, Bluehost, Namecheap, Hostinger, and Hostgator.