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  • Надежность
    6.0 / 10
  • Цены
    6.3 / 10
  • Удобство
    4.3 / 10
  • Техподдержка
    5.7 / 10
  • Возможности
    4.7 / 10

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George Begloran
  • Надежность 10
  • Цены 2.0
  • Удобство 2.0
  • Техподдержка 10
  • Возможности 2.0

Есть проблемы с WP

Тип хостинга: Виртуальный - Premium
1. Пользуюсь Wordpress более 5 лет.
2. Пользуюсь Wordpress.com за деньги более 1 года, накопились впечатления:

Внимание отзыв о тарифе Premium!

- дизайн шаблонов ограничен (в премиуме самые убогие шаблоны)
- невозможно исп ... Читать дальше
Madison Plummer
  • Надежность 2.0
  • Цены 6.0
  • Удобство 2.0
  • Техподдержка 2.0
  • Возможности 2.0

This is the worst

Тип хостинга: Виртуальный - Free
I have never seen a worse website builder in my life. I had to you this to build a website for school and I've been working on it all day with no luck. I have used other sites like Wix and Squarespace but my school required we use ... Читать дальше
chushan xiaocao
  • Надежность 8.0
  • Цены 10
  • Удобство 8.0
  • Техподдержка 8.0
  • Возможности 8.0

Advanced iframe

Тип хостинга: Виртуальный - Business
The advanced iframe pro is good to embed a frame in the template page.
TinyWebGallery offers professional advice and suggestion.
Shawn Callahan
  • Надежность 2.0
  • Цены 2.0
  • Удобство 2.0
  • Техподдержка 2.0
  • Возможности 2.0

word press phone support

Тип хостинга: Виртуальный - Personal
I waited on hold for 15 minutes to hear a guy say use our chat feature. If I wanted to use the chat feature, I would have. Terrible customer service. Use something else other than these clowns.
user avatar
John Cummings
You've obviously never spent any time trying to get through to a BT broadband helpline.
Archie Utai
  • Надежность 6.0
  • Цены 8.0
  • Удобство 2.0
  • Техподдержка 4.0
  • Возможности 4.0

Overly Complicated

Тип хостинга: Виртуальный - Business
compared to other website builders, (wix, squarespace, etc) Wordpress is way too complicated, too many unnecessary steps and procedures that are flawed and crash easily. My websites have suffered from updates and small edits that ... Читать дальше
sonam srivastava
  • Надежность 8.0
  • Цены 10
  • Удобство 10
  • Техподдержка 8.0
  • Возможности 10

I am happy with wordpress

Тип хостинга: Виртуальный
I must say that WordPress is user friendly to update and easier to install after choosing suitable template out of countless templates available. We https://www.hecmo.com/ which is a e commerce website has also built our blog on W ... Читать дальше
user avatar
I could not agree more. Had two different people and neither one spoke
English well. And did not say goodbye , just hung up.


Услуга Ценовой диапазон
Виртуальный хостинг 0 руб. - 1 630 руб. Тарифные планы
Список услуг и цены взяты с сайта wordpress.com

Отзыв эксперта о WordPress.com 2018

Рейтинг WordPress.com

  • Надежность
    9 / 10
  • Цены
    7 / 10
  • Удобство
    9 / 10
  • Техподдержка
    6 / 10
  • Возможности
    9 / 10
Оценка от Майкл Лавдуски
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Excellent Hosting for Excellent Sites

WordPress is famous for their content management system, which actually helps power about 23% of all the world's websites.  They also offer website hosting to those who use their platform.  Their hosting is a great option for many people because of the fact that it has so many different options and it is clearly designed with the WordPress content management system in mind. If you're looking to get a free site up, for example, they offer free hosting on their .wordpress.com domain (YourSiteName.wordpress.com).  If you'd rather have your own domain name, you can also do that, but it isn't free. This, combined with many of their advanced features and the fact that they are one of the biggest website creation companies in the world means that they are going to be a great option for many people looking to start a new site.

Uptime & Reliability


Exceptional stability with very few problems

This is one area where the WordPress.com hosting really shines.  Whether you are using their free hosting or the premium packages, you will find that your site almost never has any issues.  This is likely due, at least in part, to the fact that everything is configured to run with the WordPress platform. This minimizes any changes or other things that often cause down time. In addition, it allows their technicians to become experts in this area, which helps them to avoid mistakes and help ensure that their equipment is always working well.  



Lots of WordPress focused features

When you sign up with hosting for WordPress.com you will have access to many different features.  While many of them are very powerful, they are all focused specifically on their own platform.  So, if you are are looking to host something other than a WordPress powered site, they don't have much to offer you. Some examples of the features include lots of free themes to help make your site, almost instant automatic installation of the WordPress platform and responsive servers that are configured specifically for WordPress sites. They also have an almost endless amount of help available for those who want to develop a great website on their platform.  You can use all their widgets and other tools as well, which can be very helpful depending on the type of site you are creating.



Limited live support but lots of self-help

This is one area where WordPress is really struggling.  While you won't often run into technical problems of any kind, it can be difficult to get help if you do.  They limit their live 'premium' support only to their paying premium customers, which leaves any of the .wordpress.com sites almost entirely unsupported with any official technical help. On the other hand, however, they do have excellent forums available where other WordPress users can provide assistance.  They also have a lot of guides and tutorials on their site.  When it comes right down to it, however, you are basically going to be left with a 'self-help' style of support if you opt to host with WordPress.com



Best free sites available. Premium hosting is a bit pricey.

If you are an individual who is looking to put up an inexpensive site that still looks great, and you don't mind having the .wordpress.com extension, this is clearly the host for you.  There aren't really many other free hosting providers that can compete with the perks that WordPress.com can provide. If, on the other hand, you are thinking about using WordPress.com for premium hosting, it isn't such an easy decision.  First of all, their premium hosting services, while nice, are typically more expensive than other hosting companies that provide similar services. While you aren't technically limited to only putting WordPress powered sites on your hosting, it is what almost everyone will do.  Everything about this host is focused on people who use the WordPress content management system.



Surprisingly fast at all hosting options

Since virtually all of the customers that use this hosting are running a WordPress site, they are able to optimize everything for this specific type of software.  The result is that in addition to being stable, you will get a surprisingly fast loading site from all of their hosting packages. Whether using their free hosting services or one of their premium packages, you aren't likely to run into any issues related to load times.  The one exception to this is if you begin activating a large number of the WordPress add-ons, which can be very taxing to web servers if they aren't coded properly.  This, of courses, is not the fault of the host (whether you use WordPress.com or not) so it is not something most people need to worry about.


An exceptional choice for WordPress hosting

When it comes to their free hosting services, you won't find a better option out there (assuming you want your site powered by WordPress).  Their premium hosting may be a little overpriced, but with all the features you get and the no-hassle uptime and reliability, it still may be well worth the extra little bit of money for each person. While not the most powerful or the most advanced web hosting option in the world, they are still a great choice for many people who are just looking for simple hosting. Pros:
  • Excellent WordPress focused features
  • Extremely simple website setup (on WordPress platform)
  • Very reliable with few service interruptions
  • Optimized for WordPress sites
  • One of the simplest web hosting options
  • Mostly limited to WordPress powered sites
  • Premium technical support is really only for paying customers
  • Premium hosting services are overpriced
WordPress.com Цены и тарифные планы

Цены, пакеты и функции WordPress.com в 2018 году

Тарифные планы на виртуальный хостинг

План Диск Трафик Количество сайтов Цена Score
3 ГБ Неограниченно Неограниченно 0 руб. 2.8
6 ГБ Неограниченно Неограниченно 200 руб. 2.0
13 ГБ Неограниченно Неограниченно 540 руб. 5.2
Неограниченно Неограниченно Неограниченно 1 630 руб. 6.6

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