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2022 Name.com Отзывы эксперта и пользователей

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Виртуальный хостинг 350 руб. - 750 руб.
Облачный хостинг 1 030 руб.
Конструктор сайтов 230 руб.
Gerrit De Feyter

Закрепленный отзыв

Gerrit De Feyter,
I have been a customer for years. The prices are very good, and so is the support. My only wishes would be that email support is a bit faster and that they re-establish support per phone. However, once you enter a chat with a customer support helper, the answers are very good and clear!


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Yan Korolov
Yan Korolov

Very bad service

This is the worst customer service ever! I have been a name.com client for over 15 years, many projects and domain names with this provider. More than a month ago, a problem arose with the provider through no fault of mine, and I ...Читать дальшеcompleted everything on time, and my account was blocked. The support service cannot solve anything, they send it to the abuse service, which does not answer anything. In live chat, support cannot solve anything either. Wrote on social networks - no answer. Apparently, with you there is only one way out - to go to court. Login: hoochieman Ticket #2345947Свернуть
Hello Yan, We are sorry to hear about your experience and appreciate your business over the years. Our support team does not have access to the information needed in order to assist with compliance matters. Please continue to work...Читать дальше with our compliance team regarding any concerns surrounding your account status.Свернуть
Yan Korolov
Yan Korolov,
I would work with you, but no one answered me. And do not write empty replies, you are scammers! Get my domain names back! For more than a month, your support sends me without solving anything.
Oleksandr Zasl

very ugly service

very ugly service. They cant solve my issue (hosting setting not work) and dont give me any answer.
Ticket ID: #2344221
its a pity that i take my time for this hosting.
Live chat is not wor only stupid bot, very hard speak i...Читать дальшеn chat with support. And they change my webpage. dont use this hosting!!!!Свернуть
Hello Oleksandr, We are very sorry to hear of your experience and apologize for any frustration. We have reviewed your support tickets - 404 errors can be tricky at times and may need a website developer to further review your con...Читать дальшеtent and coding. We offer various hosting products that may be better suited for your needs here: https://www.name.com/hosting-solutions. We are more than happy to further assist!Свернуть

Цены, пакеты и функции Name.com в 2022 году

Тарифные планы на виртуальный хостинг

План Диск Трафик Панель Количество сайтов Цена Оценка
Personal 10 ГБ 100 ТБ cPanel 1 350 руб. 7.7 Подробнее
Premium 100 ГБ 1000 ТБ cPanel 25 460 руб. 8.2 Подробнее
Business Неограниченно Неограниченно cPanel Неограниченно 750 руб. 8.4 Подробнее

Тарифные планы на облачный хостинг

План Диск ЦП ОЗУ Трафик Цена Оценка
Digital Ocean Droplets Неограниченно - 0 Б Неограниченно 1 030 руб. 7.1 Подробнее

Планы с конструктором сайтов

План Диск Трафик Возможности Цена Оценка
Basic 256 МБ 230 руб. 10 Подробнее

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