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Jolly Works Hosting

2022 Jolly Works Hosting Отзывы эксперта и пользователей

Диапазон цен

Виртуальный хостинг 1,00 руб. - 4,00 руб.
VPS 4,00 руб. - 25,00 руб.

Data Centers

Награды Jolly Works Hosting

Мы уделяем время, чтобы лично и анонимно проверить службы техподдержки каждой компании.
"Badge of excellence" дают компаниям, которые выполнили высокие стандарты HostAdvice по обслуживанию клиентов, если они доказали, что их сервис быстрый, еффективный, адекватный и самое главное полезный.
dee alves

Закрепленный отзыв

dee alves,
In short=>
We are happy clients of Jolly Works Hosting since 2011 and very highly recommend this provider.

Back story=>
We provide hosting & maintenance services for a small, select gro...Читать дальшеup of clients & do not openly resell hosting services.
For those client's needs, shared reseller hosting is 100% sufficient as long as it is very solidly reliable.

A policy of ours is to give small, non-domestic providers a chance to prove their goodness - and this is where Jolly Works Hosting got its chance and did indeed prove to be a very good value - so much so that it is now our main provider.

We use their highest allotment reseller hosting plan & quite happily pay for 2 years each time.
We used their cPanel based services before the recent sweeping price changes in that utility - and now we are very happy DA based users.

Worthy of mention here is that as hosting users, we realize that we are paying for resources - but:
Most important of all is the hands-on work of managing the servers and above all else - the support services from that provider.
We realized that this provider is in a very different timezone - thereby working opposite hours of most folks in the US.
The support there is very responsive, polite & helpful - such that these differences have been a very minimal concern.

So in summary:
It is our firm opinion that for most agencies needing shared reseller hosting, it is well worth giving Jolly Works Hosting at least a trial run.
Язык отзывов

Отзывов о Jolly Works Hosting на русском еще нет, если вы имели дело с их сервисом, пожалуйста, станьте первым, кто напишет отзыв на русском

Цены, пакеты и функции Jolly Works Hosting в 2022 году

Тарифные планы на виртуальный хостинг

План Диск Трафик Панель Количество сайтов Цена Оценка
Personal 15 ГБ 150.02 ГБ cPanel 15 1,00 руб. 5.5 Подробнее
Professional 50 ГБ 500.02 ГБ cPanel Неограниченно 3,00 руб. 5.5 Подробнее
Enterprise 200 ГБ 2 ТБ cPanel Неограниченно 4,00 руб. 5.5 Подробнее

Тарифные планы на VPS хостинг

План Диск ЦП ОЗУ ОС Цена Оценка
Basic 50 ГБ 2 x 2.40ГГц 512 МБ 4,00 руб. 5.5 Подробнее
Advance 100 ГБ 3 x 2.40ГГц 1 ГБ 8,00 руб. 5.5 Подробнее
Pro 200 ГБ 4 x 2.40ГГц 2 ГБ 17,00 руб. 5.5 Подробнее
Elite 400 ГБ 4 x 2.40ГГц 4 ГБ 25,00 руб. 5.5 Подробнее

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