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2022 WordPress.com Отзывы эксперта и пользователей

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n. kummer
n. kummer из Израиль,

negligent, irresponsible, careless (and cheerful about it)

Wordpress.com are irresponsible scoundrels. They forgot to tell us that if we move our site to them without first moving our email, we would be without email for the entire 5-7 days of the transfer. What are they doing about it? "...Читать дальшеOh, we really should tell people that and put it in our literature. We will give you a free month, and the supervisor will call you to see if he can speed up the transfer" No one contacted me. Unbelievably irresponsible and unprofessional.Свернуть
Artyom Grachyov
Artyom Grachyov из Россия,

Скатился очень

Выбрал тему и не можешь даже изменить изображение заголовка, а если у тебя возникнет вопрос как и почему то ответа ты не найдешь так как обратную связь ребята решили не делать, вон почитай форум может там есть твоя проблема, нету ну и пофиг тогда.
Boaz Rossano
Boaz Rossano из Израиль,

Wordpress forever?

Wordpress is an outstanding platform, but requires a lot to maintain (from security to hosting, from SEO to backups), and everything takes a lot of work, coding (in HTML, JS and PHP). I've been working with Wordpress for quite a w...Читать дальшеhile, and from time to time, I must restore the staging version to make it work again. Further more, theme maintenance isn't easy nor free after certain point...
As a professional UX designer, I feel I spend too much time on the wrong things - on my personal Web & blog site ( https://2cents.co.il/blog ) I use Wix, where I don't need to code anything... Looking forward to that on WP too...
Madison Plummer
Madison Plummer из США,

This is the worst

I have never seen a worse website builder in my life. I had to you this to build a website for school and I've been working on it all day with no luck. I have used other sites like Wix and Squarespace but my school required we use...Читать дальше this site. The only good thing I can say is that you can go in and change the code yourself but if you can't code like me there is really not much customizing you can do. I actually got so frustrated I have been looking up how to write a review for WordPress for like last hour. I have finally found this so I'm going to let out all of my frustrations on them. I hate this site it is actually the worst website builder I have ever seen. Nothing makes sense everything is a mess and to be honest with you I have no idea how it has this good of ratings. I understand that it's cheaper then most of its competitors but is it really worth wanting to punch your monitor and throw it on the floor stomp on it and throw it out the window. I don't think so. Please take my word for it don't put yourself through the hell of WordPress.Свернуть
Shawn Callahan
Shawn Callahan из США,

word press phone support

I waited on hold for 15 minutes to hear a guy say use our chat feature. If I wanted to use the chat feature, I would have. Terrible customer service. Use something else other than these clowns.
John Cummings
John Cummings,
You've obviously never spent any time trying to get through to a BT broadband helpline.
Archie Utai
Archie Utai из Австралия,

Overly Complicated

compared to other website builders, (wix, squarespace, etc) Wordpress is way too complicated, too many unnecessary steps and procedures that are flawed and crash easily. My websites have suffered from updates and small edits that ...Читать дальшеresulted in whole pages disappearing. I have tried to chat with their staff but they usually take up to hours and sometimes a whole day to reply and most times they only provide short answers and screenshots. It took me one day to create a very beautiful website on wix while wordpress took me almost 2 weeks of constant crashing and reloading with an average result. I really want to love this product but I can only give 4.8/10 and hope they improve the tools and themes and everything in generalСвернуть

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Free 3 ГБ Неограниченно Неограниченно 0,00 руб. 4.7 Подробнее
Personal 6 ГБ Неограниченно Неограниченно 3,50 руб. 2.4 Подробнее
Premium 13 ГБ Неограниченно Неограниченно 7,66 руб. 3.6 Подробнее
Business 200 ГБ Неограниченно Неограниченно 20,90 руб. 5.4 Подробнее

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WordPress Starter 6 ГБ
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5,00 руб. 4.7 Подробнее

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