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2023 Webdock Отзывы эксперта и пользователей

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VPS 0 руб. - 3 680 руб.
Облачный хостинг 230 руб.


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Bruno Silva

Закрепленный отзыв

Bruno Silva,
Great and quick support with very good prices and performance. Had a question regarding ubuntu setup, and the support helped me very quickly. The VPS price/specs ratio are very good.
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Guillermo Schumacher
Guillermo Schumacher из Аргентина,
Moved from OVHcloud

A premium service, carefully thought for the client. Really competitive.

Webdock offers an excelent experience. It features a practical user interface, you can deploy a service or website with intermediate knowledge about Virtual Servers. Wordpress deployment it's straightforward; Linux images provided...Читать дальше work out of the box. Security is a priority for the user account you get 2FA and for the deployed servers. All services are covered SSH, FTP, SFTP, MySQL. You get a web interface SSH terminal in their backend, and password based auth is disabled by default, so you must setup a key pair. Connection is really fast; You get free ssd Snapshots, What else to say, at first I was exceptic, but I was proven otherwise, running a database without any headaches. Thank you so much for this service, it really gave me an opportunity. Best of luck to your team, you rock!Свернуть
Alex Amado
Alex Amado из Индия,

Refreshengly beautiful portal

The webdock UI is extremely refreshing and beautiful. And it's not just beauty, but also brains!
The user interface to kick off a new VPS along with setting up initial users, sudo etc are so intuitive and user friendly that it fe...Читать дальшеels like a breath of fresh air. And the VPS's themselves are extremely snappy.

I am a power linux user and have tried VPS's from Amazon, Oracle, Microsoft and so many other vendors, but trust me, that no one gives such an extremely pleasant interface where things are intuitive and pleasing to work with. It seems that the development team has applied design thinking very well to build such an awesome product.

Lastly when I tried a LXD container and was having issues with it (of my own making, nothing to do with the provider), their customer service team kicked in because of a one liner I added while deleting the LXD instance. They guided me on the right path, pointed to their well written documentation. I can't tell you how good that felt. They seem to care about their users.

Awesome service overall. Keep it up.
Robin Edwards
Robin Edwards из Швеция,

Out of the world service

I've been in the industry for about 21 years and to be honest I've never experienced a service like this before. Both in terms of customer care as well as the infrastructure/tech stack - Webdock outshine all the other providers ou...Читать дальшеt there. The best thing I like is that you can custom increase your VPS diskspace as well as RAM - this is awesome!Свернуть

Цены, пакеты и функции Webdock в 2023 году

Тарифные планы на VPS хостинг

План Диск ЦП ОЗУ ОС Цена Оценка
SSD Nano4 EU 25 ГБ 1 x 3.40ГГц 2 ГБ 230 руб. 4.9 Подробнее
SSD Bit EU 50 ГБ 2 x 3.40ГГц 5 ГБ 460 руб. 4.8 Подробнее
SSD Bit More EU 100 ГБ 5 x 3.50ГГц 10 ГБ 920 руб. 4.9 Подробнее
SSD Byte EU 150 ГБ 7 x 3.50ГГц 15 ГБ 1 380 руб. 4.8 Подробнее
SSD Pro EU 200 ГБ 10 x 3.50ГГц 20 ГБ 1 840 руб. 4.8 Подробнее
SSD Pro Plus EU 300 ГБ 12 x 3.50ГГц 30 ГБ 2 760 руб. 5.0 Подробнее
SSD Premium EU 400 ГБ 15 x 3.50ГГц 40 ГБ 3 680 руб. 4.8 Подробнее
SSD Nano4 CA 25 ГБ 1 x 2.80ГГц 2 ГБ 230 руб. 5.0 Подробнее
SSD Bit CA 50 ГБ 2 x 2.80ГГц 5 ГБ 460 руб. 2.2 Подробнее
SSD Bit More CA 100 ГБ 5 x 2.60ГГц 10 ГБ 920 руб. 4.8 Подробнее
SSD Byte CA 150 ГБ 7 x 2.60ГГц 15 ГБ 1 380 руб. 5.0 Подробнее
SSD Pro CA 200 ГБ 10 x 2.60ГГц 10 ГБ 1 840 руб. 4.8 Подробнее
SSD Pro Plus CA 300 ГБ 12 x 2.40ГГц 30 ГБ 2 760 руб. 4.8 Подробнее
SSD Premium CA 400 ГБ 15 x 2.60ГГц 40 ГБ 3 680 руб. 4.8 Подробнее
Start for free Неограниченно - 0 Б 0 руб. 4.8 Подробнее

Тарифные планы на облачный хостинг

План Диск ЦП ОЗУ Трафик Цена Оценка
SSD Nano 25 ГБ 1 x 3.40ГГц 2 ГБ Неограниченно 230 руб. 4.8 Подробнее

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