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2023 Funio Отзывы эксперта и пользователей

Диапазон цен

Виртуальный хостинг 310 руб. - 2 230 руб.
VPS 1 730 руб. - 10 350 руб.
Реселлерс 2 300 руб. - 9 200 руб.

Data Centers

Награды Funio

Spencer Hiltbrand

Закрепленный отзыв

Spencer Hiltbrand,
Usually, when I start with a web host it's for one or two months and then I'm off to switch to another. Ever since I found Funio, I haven't wanted to switch. Their reliability is awesome, their pricin...Читать дальшеg is fine for normal web hosting but for VPS, it's outrageous when I can get a similar VPS from OVH for $3.49 per month as opposed to $77.

Their support is awesome and very fast to reply. They're more than helpful and never leave you hanging overnight if you ask at a reasonable hour. Only thing they're missing is a CDN. If they add a CDN, I will be happier than ever and probably won't consider switching unless there is some hugely overwhelming reason to.
Язык отзывов
Benjamin Yakubu
Benjamin Yakubu из Нигерия,

Since maintenance and customer support was outsourced to some Arabs, the company became a fraud

Those silly individuals would cook up lies and blame you for the worst things, viruses, vulnerabilities, web site hacks etc, then without warning you get kicked off your account. I asked them for proof, they could provide none, ot...Читать дальшеher than the fact that their policy allows them to kick you out without reason.
Frauds. Company was great when it was run by Canadians, not once did I have issues with them prior to the ignoble Arabs taking over.
I see you are no longer a customer with us since 2019 and I apologize but you are wrong on many assumptions you are making here.
First, Funio is still Canadian and is owned by MissGroup. Support as not changed in years. I am...Читать дальше here since the start of Funio.
Second, if your account was hacked, it is not a server related issue. It is a website issue that caused this. The most common reason is a CMS not up to date and in your case it was outdated Joomla installations.
The server is running CageFS so an account that is hacked cannot spread to other accounts. It is isolated to prevent bigger issues. We keep backups of every account as well.
You were notified many times to clean and update your CMS or start from scratch and create a new website. Unfortunately, nothing was done and we had to suspend your account.
Best regards,
Владимир Кузнецов
Владимир Кузнецов из Россия,

Держитесь подальше от Funio

У меня был аккаунт за $7,99 в месяц, обещали unlimited everything. Через некоторое время хостинг аккаунт заблокировали и потребовали перейти на другой тарифный план, который стоит $150 в месяц.
Придумали дополнительные ограничени...Читать дальшея, которых нет даже на хостингах стоимостью $1 в месяц.
Служба поддержки совсем тупая.
Я просил вернуть деньги. Деньги не возвращают. Если заблокировали хостинг - обязаны вернуть хотя бы деньги. Но не возвращают.
Hello Владимир Кузнецов,

I am very sorry you are unhappy with our service. I invite you to contact our customer support team who will look into your issue and try to find a solution that will satisfy you. Here are the contact information : https://funio.com/en/contacts/
Владимир Кузнецов
Владимир Кузнецов,
Funio, I have already contacted the support service ten times. Since you have blocked my hosting account, you must return my money. Otherwise, you will be charged with fraud.
Alain Kin
Alain Kin из Канада,

I don't recommand it for many reasons

The server are very slow, price are high compared other company, many issue working on WordPress, if you have a basic website it's ok, but it your website if advanced i don't recommand Funio for you at all
Hi Alain,
Sorry to hear you are disappointed. Please note that our plans are scalable and it is very easy to increase the resources, whether you have a shared hosting plan or a VPS plan.
Feel free to contact us if you need anyth...Читать дальшеing, our team will be happy to help you find the right plan for your website.Свернуть
Abdul Aziz Alwafaee
Abdul Aziz Alwafaee из ОАЭ,
Moved from iWeb

Mail service of funio is below average

Dear friends, do you know that you can't trace email delivery with funio, I as a reseller can't give any support to my clients because email delivery report function is locked by funio. When I spoke to their support, they told me ...Читать дальшеthat we can't open this feature for you. While on the other hand, we have plenty of options with other hosting providers, including mail delivery reports.

I spent 9 years with them, simply because of being iweb customer, transferred to them.
Hi Abdul, sorry to hear this. I checked with our IT team and it seems it would be possible. If you'd like some help, feel free to email us at support@funio.com and we will see with you how to implement this feature.
Greg Slazinski
Greg Slazinski из Новая Зеландия,

They delete folders without notice/warning

I'm a longtime Funio customer, started when it was called iWeb or something.
The problem is the company keeps deleting folders.

The first time, they've contacted me with email asking about folder on my website, as I've explain...Читать дальшеed its purpose, they understood that the folder is indeed required for my website to run properly, so all OK.

Then few months later, without my permission or notice, warning, the company just deleted my folder, and I've suffered financial losses, because my customers couldn't download my software anymore.
I've contacted the company, they were able to restore the folder.

Now few months passed, and the company AGAIN deleted my folder without notice.

This is completely unprofessional.
Request a refund and move to another company, this is the way to go.
Hi Greg,
Sorry about the inconvenience. It seems your files were deleted by mistake thinking they did not conform with our Acceptable Use Policy. Sorry about this. We are now adjusting the scripts and processes so that it does not happen again.
Thank you,
Unsatisfied customer
Unsatisfied customer из Канада,

Delete your emails and make you change server without notice

II have been with Funio for many years. 2 years ago, they decided to empty my email trash folder without warning. I was keeping this folder as an archive folder. They were unable to retrieve what they have deleted. Also, last mont...Читать дальшеh, they decided to move my plan to a new server with less that a day notice. I had to reconfigure my addresses on the spot for my website to remain reachable. A good thing I wasn't out of the Country! Thus, I cannot rely on them and will change as soon as my current plan expires.Свернуть
Hi, sorry to hear you had a disappointing experience.

We indeed proceeded to migrations over the last months, and every customer received at least 3 communications before the migration, one of them being 10 days before.

Ple...Читать дальшеase rest assured that we are always doing our best to provide a fast, reliable and easy to use hosting solution with 24/7 expert support, and that we take your comments seriously. We always try to make the necessary changes and adjustements to improve the Funio experience. I would also encourage you to contact us at contact@funio.com and we would be more than happy to address any other issues or concerns.

Отзыв эксперта

Майкл Левандуски
Майкл Левандуски
Профессиональный хостинг-копирайтер

Хостинг в Канаде с 1999 года

Funio работает с 1999 года, обслуживая пользователей по всей Северной Америке и за ее пределами. Они находятся в Канаде и имеют высокую репутацию за хороший качественный хостинг и VPS решения. На данный момент они насчитывают более 20 000 пользователей находящихся в более чем 100 странах. Они прилагают все усилия, чтобы поддерживать свои услуги в актуальном состоянии с учетом последних тенденций и требований своих клиентов. Если вы запускаете небольшой сайт, или что-то большее, то они смогут помочь вам на каждом шагу.

Кроме веб-хостинг решений, вы также можете воспользоваться их услугой регистрации доменных имен, чтобы получить необходимый сайт. Если вам необходим SSL сертификат, защита от спама, email маркетинг или другие веб-сервисы, то они могут предоставить вам такие услуги. В общем это довольно хорошее хостинг решение для рассмотрения.

Цены, пакеты и функции Funio в 2023 году

Тарифные планы на виртуальный хостинг

План Диск Трафик Панель Количество сайтов Цена Оценка
Economic 20 ГБ 249.96 ГБ cPanel 1 310 руб. 2.9 Подробнее
Unlimited Неограниченно Неограниченно cPanel Неограниченно 620 руб. 3.0 Подробнее
Startup Неограниченно Неограниченно cPanel Неограниченно 1 380 руб. 3.4 Подробнее
SMB Неограниченно Неограниченно cPanel Неограниченно 2 230 руб. 3.9 Подробнее

Тарифные планы на VPS хостинг

План Диск ЦП ОЗУ ОС Цена Оценка
4 GB RAM 20 ГБ 1 x 2.60ГГц 4 ГБ 1 730 руб. 3.9 Подробнее
8 GB RAM 20 ГБ 2 x 2.60ГГц 8 ГБ 2 300 руб. 2.6 Подробнее
16 GB RAM 20 ГБ 4 x 2.60ГГц 16 ГБ 3 070 руб. 3.9 Подробнее
32 GB RAM 20 ГБ 8 x 1.60ГГц 32 ГБ 6 520 руб. 3.9 Подробнее
64 GB RAM 20 ГБ 16 x 2.60ГГц 64 ГБ 10 350 руб. 3.9 Подробнее

Хостинг-планы для реселлеров

План Диск Трафик Панель Цена Оценка
Reseller 25 50 ГБ Неограниченно cPanel 2 300 руб. 3.9 Подробнее
Reseller 100 200 ГБ Неограниченно cPanel 9 200 руб. 3.9 Подробнее

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