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2023 Euro DNS Отзывы эксперта и пользователей

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Ken Tran
Ken Tran из США,

The Company is a scam

I bought an .AI domain from this company. My Paypal transfer went through. Then the company refused to release the domain, and stole my domain name instead. Likely a scam of a company. Best to stay away, and not give them any of your information.
Jason ,
Just did the same to me? Can you explain in detail and see if our stories are the same. I am pissed off because I’ve been registering domains since 1997 and I do my research. There was no Whois info nothing. Now this morning there is a Whois record with no creation date etc...
Louis Farrugia
Louis Farrugia из Гонконг,

Trying to overcharge you whenever they can

I iser EuroDNS has my registrar. Their control panel is such a disgrace and their whole system has several glitches. I have already been overcharged in two different occassions because of them pretending that my domain names where...Читать дальше already expired while in fact they were in "OK" status at the Registration Authority.Свернуть
Aleksandr Ko
Aleksandr Ko из Франция,

eurodns обманывает

Сервис eurodns обманывает своих клиентов

Сервис eurodns не разрешает перенаправить доменное имя зарегистрированное в их сервисе, на свой сервер, И сообщает об этом своим клиентам только после регистрации доменного имени. Таким ...Читать дальшеобразом они вынуждают своих клиентов резервировать свои сервера которые стоят очень дорого.

Service eurodns cheating their customers

Eurodns.com service does not allow redirect the domain name registered in their service, to your server and notify their clients only after the registration of a domain name. So they force their customers to backup their servers which are very expensive.

Service eurodns betrügen ihre Kunden

Eurodns.com Dienst erlaubt keine leiten Sie den in ihrem Dienst registrierten Domain-Namen, auf den Server und ihre Kunden zu benachrichtigen erst nach der Registrierung eines Domain-Namens. So dass sie ihre Kunden dazu zu zwingen, ihre Backup-Server, die sehr teuer sind.

Service eurodns tricher leurs clients

Service de Eurodns.com ne permet pas de transfer le nom de domaine enregistré dans leur service, à votre serveur et informer leurs clients uniquement après l'enregistrement d'un nom de domaine. Donc, ils forcent leurs clients de réserver leur serveur prix très cher.

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