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2023 CCIHosting.com Отзывы эксперта и пользователей

Диапазон цен

Виртуальный хостинг 840 руб. - 3 070 руб.
VPS 1 150 руб. - 4 140 руб.
Выделенный сервер 6 890 руб. - 38 200 руб.
Облачный хостинг 2 680 руб. - 13 020 руб.

Data Centers

Язык отзывов
Андрей Доценко
Андрей Доценко из Россия,

Хостинг отстой

Самый убогий хостинг который я встречал.Поддержка полный ноль.Цены дерут,как будто считают себя лучшими на рынке.Постоянные зависания и невозможность корретной работы с файлами сайта.Захотите сделать возврат средств - забудьте.
Lara Mans
Lara Mans из Германия,

Resources not as advertised, horrible hostin

I bought a vps package with this company, for a website that ran for years on shared hosting, but i got a vps because i intended to move more webs in same place.
The site went down nearly every friday, causing many hours downtime...Читать дальше, and it came back only after contacting their support. They claimed its due to cpu usage, but i think it was just so to convince me to buy bigger vps pack, because cpu, ram and hdd where way over what was needed. Their support is total shit, i never had such bad customer service experience in my entire 20y career. Operator was ignoring my messages and never gave me a real solution to anything, just server reset. I never knew if he was investigating anything or i was waiting for nothing, so confusing and bad for business.
Gaza World
Gaza World из Индия,

Stay Away from a unprofessional host like CCI ..

Got indulged into an anonymous hosting business plan , and got ripped of , within 2 days i told them to cancel my account and refund as i was not happy with their services .. Raises several tickets with the issue that i was facing...Читать дальше on my website , but they do not care to cancel the subscription and remove the card from the file ..
Should seriously stay away from these guys .. I have only seen 2 guys as a staff member for live chat support and they are so confused in themselves that cant even write in good english

the plans and configuration is just a deceived picture of what they offer .. Better to put this aside no matter what
Boris Kucharev
Boris Kucharev из Болгария,

Rather not.

Working hours are 7-8 hours per hour for techs. Questions, problems are solved very slow. Price ain't the best. Maybe you're lucky and actually get some good services but you can't compare it with speed or price to other better companies. Plus, they are pretty arrogant. Not very professional.
SCAM! SCAM!! SCAM!!! DON NOT ORDER FROM https://www.ccihosting.com because they will never deliver, I have lost $36 for Cpanel/WHM license. this is what they do. They will take your order and collect your money and leave it pendin...Читать дальшеg for days waiting for you to open a ticket. Once you open a ticket they will tell you that you do not have a dedicated server on their system there you have to pay for it and they will take more payment from you ans leave you unattended for as long as you are tired. if you ask for refund they refer you to their terms and conditions which states there is no refund. THIS IS A TYPICAL SCAM BEWARE. EVERY POSITIVE REVIEW YOU SEE CONCERNING THEM ARE FAKE BECAUSE THEY ARE THE PEOPLE LEAVING THE FAKE REVIEW. BEWARE!!!Свернуть

Цены, пакеты и функции CCIHosting.com в 2023 году

Тарифные планы на виртуальный хостинг

План Диск Трафик Панель Количество сайтов Цена Оценка
Entry-Level 15 ГБ 49.97 ГБ cPanel 2 840 руб. 1.0 Подробнее
Standard Неограниченно Неограниченно cPanel 5 1 150 руб. 1.0 Подробнее
E-commerce Неограниченно Неограниченно cPanel 1 1 920 руб. 1.5 Подробнее
Business Неограниченно Неограниченно cPanel Неограниченно 3 070 руб. 1.0 Подробнее

Тарифные планы на VPS хостинг

План Диск ЦП ОЗУ ОС Цена Оценка
VPS Level 1 40 ГБ 1 ядро 1 ГБ 1 150 руб. 1.0 Подробнее
VPS Level 2 80 ГБ 2 ядра 2 ГБ 1 610 руб. 1.5 Подробнее
VPS Level 3 80 ГБ 3 ядра 4 ГБ 2 530 руб. 1.4 Подробнее
VPS Level 4 100 ГБ 4 ядра 4 ГБ 2 990 руб. 1.5 Подробнее
VPS Level 5 120 ГБ 4 ядра 8 ГБ 4 140 руб. 1.0 Подробнее

План Выделенного Сервера

План Диск ЦП ОЗУ ОС Цена Оценка
Corei3 1 ТБ 2 ядра 8 ГБ 6 890 руб. 1.5 Подробнее
Corei5 1 ТБ 4 ядра 8 ГБ 8 040 руб. 1.5 Подробнее
E3-1220 1 ТБ 4 ядра 8 ГБ 11 940 руб. 1.5 Подробнее
E5-2603v4 1 ТБ 6 ядер 16 ГБ 27 560 руб. 1.5 Подробнее
E5-2609v4 1 ТБ 8 ядер 32 ГБ 38 200 руб. 4.0 Подробнее

Тарифные планы на облачный хостинг

План Диск ЦП ОЗУ Трафик Цена Оценка
Cloud Level 1 40 ГБ 1 ядро 1 ГБ 1 ТБ 2 680 руб. 1.5 Подробнее
Cloud Level 2 60 ГБ 1 ядро 2 ГБ 1 ТБ 3 830 руб. 1.5 Подробнее
Cloud Level 3 80 ГБ 2 ядра 4 ГБ 1 ТБ 6 890 руб. 1.5 Подробнее
Cloud Level 4 160 ГБ 4 ядра 8 ГБ 1 ТБ 13 020 руб. 1.5 Подробнее

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